Pleasantly Surprised

Liberals 59
PC 27
NDP 21

Massive overperformance by the "scandal rdden Liberals".  Horwath held 21 seats, popular vote position improved from last election as well.  Still, she's probably the biggest loser here since her third party position means a lot less in a majority government.

And Hudak.  Wow, nice to know that such a sizable portion of Ontario agrees that Hudak is terrible.  I guess basing your entire campaign on a basic math error is not a winning proposition.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Canada. Huh. Must be nice to have actual liberals in office.

Dragon-King Wangchuck said...

I think we're getting something better, a sort of leftward Overton thingie.

Our Liberals had to move leftward to appease the third party NDP (who oddly decided to move rightwards). And as a result of enacting a left-wing progressive platform (such as a new public pension plan to supplement social security, increased rates for social assistance, surtax on income over half a million, etc.) they managed to massively outperform expectations and get a majority government when everyone expected them to be booted to wandering the wilderness.

It's almost as if progressive policies are actually popular.