Trying something new here - blogging from teh phone.

So, been out of teh house off and on for a week and a half. Meaning it has been quite a while since groceries have been done. There were avocados nearing teh end of their useful life. So we went with them.

Found a vegan pasta recipe with oil, lemon, garlic and basil. We don't have fresh basil right now, nor are we vegan. So teh substitute was canned crab. Also, since Texavery's mom was cooking, it wasn't so much a substitution as a totes new recipipe.

Did I mention that I hate you jerkasses that have access to fresh seafood?

Anyways, amazeballs!

Housecleaning note: comments about Debt Chapter 12 coming soon.


Halfway in Debt

An update for those of you who still occassionally look at this blog - I am reading the Graeber tome (speaking of being late to the party).  No time to blog*, and yet I can find time to wade through a pound and a half of anthropology, history and anarchist ranting.  Well, in teh words of someone who's already neatly summed up teh situation and then moved on to something after goatse, I blame Twitter.

I'm on Chapter 6 which is halfway to teh Controversial Chapter of Bombing and Doom.  Maybe it's confirmation bias, but things are looking pretty bad (at least from my perspective) for teh Graeber h8rs.  d00d may have been a complete ass and jerk - and it's not like Henry Farrell is dum or what (that guy's whipcrack sharp).  But unless Chapter 12 breaks out Fluoridation is an Ebil Conspiracy, it's looking bad for teh CT crowd.  Especially bad because despite teh ridiculously offensive "a Reply" that Graeber crapped out, I totally see where he was coming from.  Teh childish SAT/GRE insults are totally about turning teh "de-legitimization" argument around on its head to show how ridiculous it is.  And despite Gabriel Rossman's very helpful and productive responses in teh Thread of teh Unpleasantness, it is very hard to see how Graeber wasn't justified in lashing out***.  That is, unless you value convivial non-shrill pleasantries over substance in arguments.

Anyways, I should have moar to report when I finally get to Chapter Graeber's Full of Shit Despite all teh Nodding and Agreeing I've Been Doing for the Past Three Hundred Pages.  And depending on when Rathian Plate drops for a hammer user, it could be any day now.

* Everyone has their excuses.  Too busy with work, or fambly, or whatnot.  I gots nothing other than pure carp laziness.  Heck, I've only just cleared Rathian** and Monster Hunter Tri will have been out for two years on Friday.  I can't even keep current with dicking off!

** Barroth is a cheap bastard and can suck my hammer.  Fuck you Barroth.

*** Although in the context he was replying in, a more artful response would have been moar effective and knowing your audience is something that's considered a good thing in a writer.