Scarborough Transit Gloria Monday Friday

Let me clarify a bit.  I say I’m from LEAFS SUCK – and while it’s certainly where I was raised (Riverdale – now called Leslieville) – I actually live in Scarberia.  I’ve got a ton to say about the dysfunctional relationship between Scarborough and “Toronto Proper”, but that’s another post, which you’ll probably have to wait weeks for.

Anyways, as I’ve mentioned before, LEAFS SUCK is having some drama about transit and municipal governance.  It’s all really small-town-gossipy-that’s-what-she-said-ish except that we’re talking about projects totalling somewhere in the nine billion dollar range.

If you’re curious about what went down, I suggest reading Steve Munro or Hamutal Dotan for their takes on it.  Shortered history – once elected our wingnut Mayor “killed” a long term transit plan called Transit City and now two years later City Council has endorsed and committed the city to a long term transit plan that is in almost every respect – Transit City.

Anywho, all these transit goings on has got me thinking and maybe there's a post bouncing around about built forms and urban planning and regional transit integration and such.  Certainly teh voices keep whispering stuff at me.  Also too, Scarberia and all that entails.  But for now, I'm just enjoying teh defeat of teh defenders in teh War on Cars.


Even Still Michael Jackson

It’s that time of year again, when everybody’s Irish, and therefore the Irish are everybody - even Michael Jackson. So without further ado, MJ covers by artists with Irish blood in ‘em.

Despite all the ways I know about Mariah Carey’s mom (okay, just the one way), I was surprised to lurn that she’s Irish-American. So we’ll start with the obv. – and not the memorial service performance.

Speaking of obvious, there’s a Chris Cornell version of Billie Jean, but d00d needs to switch to decaf or something. Srsly, I don’t want Mariah to be the understated and restrained performance for this post, so instead, here’s Irish Upside-Downy Neil Finn:

Speaking of Billie Jean - I don’t know if this Canuck is Irish or not, but I feel obliged to leave this link for the Greatest Spengler in the World.

edit: fizzed sum links