Totally Serious About the Lesbians in The Longest Journey

Here's the original - http://www.alexandradal.com/comic/girls-and-games/
Here's the updated "comeback"- http://imgur.com/aGVaza7

Not even going to address the ridonkulous things from their list.  Ayumi from X-Blades?  Really?

Anyways, just so that we understand how far these dudebros have missed the point, their list includes Dreamfall, which is from 2006 (incidentally, it's a sequel for The Longest Journey which has the best depiction of a lesbian couple I have seen in gaming or any other media).  Jade from Beyond Good and Evil is also a great character - and from 2003.  That list covers about a decade of gaming. And no, there weren't sequels released in the last couple weeks that would make these games recent examples as opposed to pre-dating the previous console generation.

By contrast, here is a list of male characters:
"Reck" Recker
Edward Kenway
Lucas Kellen
The entire roster of COD:Ghosts including the dog.

And that's just PS4 Launch Titles.  As in the list of male protagonists available on day one of the PS4 is about half the length of female characters from the past ten or so years.  In their defense, Dawn and Didi from Contrast are both female characters.  OTOH, the Launch Titles also included the Blacklight Retribution beta, FIFA 14, some Madden game and two NBA titles.  The XBone list is at least as skewed.  Even the "kiddie friendly" Wii-U launched with an Ass Creed, Ninja Gaiden and Darksiders 2.

So yeah - "Gee I wish there were more strong female characters in video games" seems like a totally reasonable thing to say.  As in, 

To further drive the point home, the "punchline" is about how the girl gamer then goes on to whine about getting threatened with rape, which incidentally is exactly what happened.  Because male gamer privilege is so thick these ignorant fuckwits actually believe it's not misogynist since the jackwad threatens both men and women with rape all the time.  Seriously, that's the "joke" - women are stupid because they can't laugh off rape threats as well as gamer dudebros.  Hahaha.