Emeralds Shatter

Confession Time:  It was the poppy Drop Names Not Bombs that hooked me on Louise Burns, and What You Want To Do cemented it, but I have to say that I am not upset or disappointed by the shift in sound.  I guess I got a bit of prep for it from Lodger.


Still Griping About Crackgate - Thankful for Having People to Blame Edition

Remember, this all started when John Cook posted his story of having seen the tape.  He didn't have the tape, he had only viewed it on the mysterious iPhone.  Why did he post his story then, without the tape or any other solid confirmation (other than the photo)?  It's a story with pretty severe implications (as we have seen in the past couple weeks) so you really want to get your ducks lined up before going to press.  Well, as Cook puts it:
The producer, in turn, asked CNN's Canada reporter about it. The Canada reporter—and this was a pretty fucking big mistake—called a source who used to work in Ford's office. Within 40 minutes, word had gotten back to me that "CNN called Ford's office asking about a crack tape."
Thanks CNN.  Who would have thought that the stenographic reflex was so ingrained?

Hey you know who else deserves a shoutout?  Remember at the end of last year when Judge Hackland ruled that Rob Ford violated the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act and ordered him out of office?  And then three Ontario Appeals Court justices overturned that ruling on a bizarre and contrived technicality?  Yeah, really served the public interest there guys, I hope you're all proud of your work, bending rational thought into funny pretzels in order to save this guy.

And, of course, I blame Obama.