Can Enable

Electoral activities are all up and active in my lovely town of LEAFS SUCK.  While the provincial election is more pressing with the election only a few weeks away, I'm going to dedicate my first post in almost a hundred days to everybody's favourite White Bronco.

Forum’s mayoral approval numbers from May 11, 2013 was 44%
The Gawker video is from May 16, 2013.
On May 25, 2013 it was 42%.
A third of his staff is fired or resigns in this period.
On June 26, 2013 it was 47%.
Rumours, innuendo and speculation churn until fall.
Halloween 2013, it was 44%.
November 5, 2013 – Rob Ford admits to smoking crack cocaine while in a drunken stupor.
November 20, 2013 – steady at 42%.

This low to mid 40's approval remains constant untill May 2, 2014.
In a random sampling of public opinion taken by the Forum Poll™ among 888 Toronto voters the day Mayor Rob Ford announced he is taking a leave of absence to deal with his substance abuse problem, fewer than 4-in‐10 approve of the job he is doing as mayor (38%), and this is down sharply from two weeks ago (46%).
And the latest Forum polling?  32%.

Moral of the story?  Torontonians disapprove of rehab.