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Keep a lookout for ORBS at 2:18!


First Through Five Millionth Read - What Does The Tea Party Think?

Y'all remember this latest bit on American stupidity? Well a Plum Line post has brought to my attention that the First Read folks at MSNBC have used the findings for a bit of introspection
Folks, the law HAS NOT been repealed. As we said when yet another poll showed a sizable portion of the American public thinking that -- incorrectly -- President Obama is a Muslim, everyone deserves blame here. The politicians. The citizenry. And especially the news media. We aren't doing our jobs when the populace is this misinformed. As a collective, look at how the court decisions striking down the health law get covered vs. the decisions to uphold it. And then look at the conservative media outlets and their coverage of this issue.

The conservative media outlets.

PROTIP for MSNBC - They are ALL conservative media outlets, MSNBC included. Proof? That bit of introspection comes in a long list of other observations, it's one of those "here's all the interesting stories" posts. What are the other intersting stories?
- Lead-off, the 2012 GOP battle - who will be the next Presidential Candidate (R)?
- Next most important story - What Does The Tea Party Think?
- Who is running.
- Who isn't running.
- What Does The Tea Party Think? SRSLY, not a typo - two of their first five points are about the Tea Party's reaction to the 2012 preznit nomination battle.
- Something about Wisconsin.

That's your lie-beral-est lefty news org there.

So yeah, tailor your news coverage to appeal to the moron idiots that make up the Tea Party people - and quelle surprise, they end up not getting informed at all! When all you talk about are people who despise Obamacare with all of their shrivelled and ignorant little hearts - it's no wonder most of America thinks Obamacare has already been repealed.


Bollywood Music With Irish Fiddle - METAL VERSION

Is it really always okay to post a music video?

I'm not exactly cutting edge when it comes to music so Delhi2Dublin is new to me. If they're new to you too, then you are in for a treat. Anyways, here's the song I am currently obsessed with:



Thoughts stemming from an argument I'm having with T&U at teh Mothership. Here's teh basis.

I have now waded through both the Blag Hag guest post and clarification as well as the Angel of Harlots reply and Update^2 and the Butterflies and Wheels post. For me the audio on the YouTube has been replaced by classical music. WTF?!

Here's my read on what happened. Some atheist guys think that if a girl is also an atheist, they are totes "fair game". Not "fair game" as in okay to hit on sense, but "fair game" in the treat them as huntable animals sense. Some atheist women think this is fucked up bullshit that needs to stop. Some atheist guys agree. Some atheist guys think that the offended women are being oversensitive and should just get over it. Some atheists guys think that they totes aren't treating women like animals - that they are just following their biology. Some people think those atheist guys are full of shit.

D-KW's Pronouncements About Atheist Pear-gate

1. d00d, you share some interests with that girl, that's great. You want to ask her out - go ahead. But No means No. Don't hound her. Don't harass her. If she's not interested - she is not interested. Also too, staring at b00bies is only okay when you have permission or are watching teh interjizz pr0ns. Look, I likes teh BOOBIES too. Lots. But if you are face to face with someone - be face to face.

Here's a bit to halp you to understand - imagine someone staring at your package while you are talking to them. No eye contact, they are just constantly staring at your crotch. Now imagine if that someone was your mom**. Fucking weird huh? Gross and creepy. That's kinda how those women feel.

PROTIP - just because you find them attractive, that doesn't meant the feelings are necessarily reciprocated. Not to say that you are hideous, although if you need this advice, you are at least a little bit hideous. There could be any number of reasons apart from your boorish and creepy behaviour that's turning them off.

2. Fuck you with your "biological imperative" bullshit. You know what? Thems womens are feeling threatened by you, and it would be following their "biological imperative" to kill you. Huh, not such a grate argument no mores is it?

3. Are the hypersensitive feminists over-reacting? WHO FUCKING CARES? They are upset and hurt and creeped out and frustrated and THESE FEELINGS ARE REAL. You don't have to understand them, I don't have to understand them, even the women going through them don't have to understand them. It's not rocket science here. It doesn't matter if their responses are justified or not (although from the evidence I've been able to check out, I would say they are). Really it doesn't make no nevermind. Stop trying to argue about it.

Seriously. Does. Not. Matter. When you are told, plainly and simply that what you are doing is causing pain - then you stop. Otherwise you either don't give a shit about the folks you are hurting or you think they are lying (although I suppose there's the option that you are a sadistic shitbag that likes hurting others - but I like to believe that conservatives don't read my blog).

If it's case 1. and you don't care, well then you're a fucking asshole - and not in the good way. Get some help. Really. Unhealthy behaviour. Sign of psychopathy. Very Not Good. If it's case two and you think you're being trolled - that people are claiming to be hurt as some sort of powerplay - you had better hope to whatever higher power you don't believe in that you are right, because otherwise you just flagged yourself as a sociopathic asshole over a hunch. Also what one might think of as irrational behaviour.

5. The number 4 is unlucky.

6. What about the feelings of the men? It hurts to be called a chauvinist pig just because you're socially inept and have a fondness for BOOBIES. Yeah, your feelings are real too. But unless you can articulate them, express what your issues are - what the fuck is anyone supposed to do about them? And that's where the whole adult discussion part takes place. And sometimes your feelings are not that important. That you feel put upon for having to not stare at the hot chick - and yes this is despite the fact that she obviously spent a lot of time and effort to make herself so attractive - not as important as her feeling like she is going to be molested. Thems the breaks. Don't leer.

7. But those feelings are real too. Guys get frustrated all the time about all sorts of stuff. And the feeling of resentment at all of womankind is a real thing that some guys experience from time to time. Not unlike how sometimes some women sometimes have a real resentment towards all men. And, at least in my opinion, it does not matter if those feelings are rational or justified. Does. Not. Matter.

I'm not trying to even imply that women should put up with getting ogled. That's just dumb. I'm just pointing out that the folks in the position of privilege are still human beings with real feelings and if you really think "tough shit, I don't care a whit if those privileged jerkwads are upset" then you are also in the fucking asshole group.

8. So that should be the basis for the conversation. Yeah, here I am idealistically suggesting that people should honestly and openly discuss their feelings and reactions to stuff and then figure out how to go forward together. Requires that all sides engage honestly and with respect for each other.

This is why I had to admit error in that argument with T&U. Read through the Pharyngula thread and look out for Attendee. The existence of Men's Rights Advocates wrecks it. T&U called them douchebags, but douchebags are way more useful. We're talking about damaged people who have a world-view that is unmoored from reality. They literally can not comprehend that evidence discrediting their ideology can be real. Must be part of a conspiracy. They are the Young Earth Creationists of gender relations. Only difference is that Creationists are motivated by their unwavering devotion to God and MRA's are motivated by their hatred of women. It's not a plus for them. And they poison the well and make intelligent discussions about stuff like this impossible or very near to it.

* This is true. I do love BOOBIES. And maybe it is part of a cowardly and cheap ploy to keep intelligent women from reading this post and then challenging me on my beliefs. Then again maybe it's a trigger alert of it's own, warning that the post contains its fair share of chauvinism.

** This is true too, your mom stares at my package all the time.


This is Mutiny, Mr. Delgadio.

The Mothership has had quite the run of EPIC threads recently. In one of them, Substance McGravitas made an excellent observation.

First, teh obvious:
Sadly, the guy in the original is much wider than sexy shirtless gay pirate d00d and you can still see some puke-y green in the bottom left corner. That's when I was reminded about how sometimes, simplicity is the best solution. Also, the stern eagle head used as a gravatar by truculentandunreliable's first troll. I'm not sure what this image says, but it says it with the Voice Of Patriotism.


Fuck You Friday

To commemorate zrm's new tradition I'm offering my own Fuck You Friday. Incidentally, also about wind turbines.


Ontario is canning all offshore wind. There is something like a gigawatt of offshore wind projects currently in various stages of development. At least one turbine manufacturer was so interested that they were considering moving their offshore turbine manufacturing to Ontario. Kiss all of that good-bye.

This is the same government that was going to close all of our coal plants by 2007. The plan now (and there is actual legislation mandating it) is a 2014 closure. I dunno where they're going to find a gigawatt of power generation to replace the offshore they aren't going to build.

Remember this from last year? The thing about being a leader in wind power? Apparently only if someone else does it first.

The Long-Term Energy Plan is to have 10 GW in wind/solar/biogas by 2018. We're currently at something like two and half. Good Luck hitting that target when you drop bombshells like "no offshore in Ontario - period" with no warning whatsoever.

Seriously, no warning at all. A lot of the work I do is with wind farms and no one I know had any clue this was coming down the pipe. Notice the timing of the announcement - 2 PM Friday afternoon. Not on the front page of the Ontario website, but buried as a small text-only link in the newsroom. Not even a Top Story.

Why? You'd think that they would want to trumpet this announcement so that all the NIMBY's and anti-wind folks would hear. Because the plan is not to reduce the amount of wind energy to be installed. That means moar onshore turbines.

Ontario's capacity for renewables generation is limited by the transmission network - meaning new generation has to come online either very close to where the coal plants are being shut down or close to load centres. So that gigawatt of wind power they won't be building in Lake Ontario or Lake Erie is instead going to be built - I don't know where. But it's gotta be close to where people live.

That's why they've buried the news. This announcement is bad for both sides of the wind power argument.

So why are they doing it?

Because they are fucking cowards. Dickless dipshits. Spineless babies that are scared shitless. Cowards. Stupid ones at that.

They are pre-emptively killing an industry because "freshwater" wind power is too new. SRSLY - that's the entire fucking reason for it. They are scared of some nebulous un-explainable something or other. Because apparently, freshwater is somehow more risky than anchoring steel towers in the fucking ocean. You would think that people living in Ontario would have an understanding of the relationship between salt and corrosion, but apparently not the fucking gutless geniuses that make up the Ontario gubmint.

FUCKAWESOME. Way to go there assholes. I don't think you could have done anything more wrong.


Blogroll Amnesty Day 2011

I don't even have a blogroll yet and I'm two hours late. Did I mention that I'm lazy?

Here's the rules. Five blogs with less traffic than yours, no jokes about how there are no blogs smaller than yours.

Firstly, yes this is a small blog, but I actually have no idea how small. So I don't know if what I'm linking qualifies as smaller than l'idiot l'escalier. In fact I'm certain that some of them aren't. It's quite probable that none of them are. Spirit of the thing is to promote stuff that is under-appreciated or not something your readers would know about, so I'm going with that as my criteria.

1. Consider the Source. I'm pretty sure he gets more hits than I do, and that's as it should be. His stuff is way more substantial. Even now that his update schedule has become more sporadic than mine (congratz on the job mikey) swinging by to check in over there makes more sense than finding out whose mom it is that I'm claiming to fuck this week.

2. Whatever it is that Sharkey is calling this thing. Sharkey probably gets orders of magnitude more pageviews than I do, but since his subject matter is different from my subject matter, it may actually be new to people reading this post. And funnier than a barrel of monkeys in a rubber chicken factory during a freak peanut-butter related meteorological event. Bonus - his current post is about getting raped by bears. How can that not be funny?

3. Also in the much-bigger-than-my-blog category, Steve Munro is Toronto's go-to guy on transit issues. Also smart as hell and absolutely passionate about transit.

4. This one's just to get a certain large and non-hirsute individual to update The Five Thousand Year Creep. Geez, I poked it in the comments with a sexy red-headed Russian spy posing in lingerie and nothing happened. The panther is beyond teasing, it needs medical intervention.

5. Acoustic! Kitty! is new (as in the past few hours new) and most of the folks who would be reading this post have already read the entirety of everything that T&U's posted. I'm linking because the proprietor there seemed kinda ambivalent about the whole blogging thing in teh days leading up to the first post and I want to add my bit of encouragement. That's what blogroll amnesty day's about, right?

Okay, that out of the way - a few words about this blog, specifically regarding size. The reason given for the "no bad jokes about no blogs having less traffic" rule is that it's unfunny and whiny. Well, I think you can milk funneh out of anything - so there's gotta be a worthwhile bad joke in there somewhere. Moar importantly though, I want to address the issue of whiny.

This is a small blog - and that's hte way I like it. I don't spend an awful lot of time formatting layout or crafting posts. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I'm kinda lazy. Also, I enjoy the freedom of being read by only a small group of folks. They are the best folks anyways. Except fish. Damn you fish.

So why bother? Well, samiply because I want to. Sometimes there's stuff that gets under my skin and I just have to yell about it. Sometimes I think I've come up with something totally hilarious and just have to say it out loud. And sometimes I just want to have some place to state my opinion of whatnot in a kinda of official fashion (at least as aofficial as can be done under a pseudonym).

So when I acknowledge my low traffic status - I'm not trying to be whiny about it. SRSLY, the attention-whore in me gets its fix in comment threads at Teh Mothership, this blog isn't here for that reason. Note that I'm not saying that adulation and praise are unwarranted unwelcome, just that it is unrelated to why I blog.

That's also why this place is so haphazard and sporadically updated. That plus I'm lazy.



This probably isn't necessary, but wev. Anyways, I was thinking a bit about rules and such and realized that I haven't any for this little corner of the blogosphere that I call my own. Well, I guess it's long past time to correct that oversight.


Some people make their living on writing, some people make their careers on their creative output. I'm not one of those people. So, my position on any rights I retain to my stuff on this blog are as follows:
1. Don't pass my stuff off as someone else's, especially your own.

That's it. You want to use anything I've written? Fine, just do not claim that it's yours. You've somehow managed to figure out a way of converting one of my ideas into cash? That's awesome. Drop me a line, maybe I can think up some other potentially profitable ideas. Or don't. I won't be sending you a C&D letter or a demand for "my cut", unless you are trying to pass my stuff off as your own. Even then, it's likely I won't be arsed to do anything - but I do reserve that right, in case I get the urge to.

You don't even have to credit me. I'm fine with "some guy on the web" as an attribution. Or "something I saw somewhere". Just don't credit anyone else for my stuff.

This applies whether or not I agree with what you are using my words for. If you happen to represent a movement or cause that I personally find abhorrent and use something I wrote here to further your goals - fine. Just be aware that if I do find out, I will make the effort to mock and ridicule you. Either that or I will stop having sex with your mom, and then she'll get all cranky and mean - plus she'll have lots of extra free time to check in on how you are doing.

Exceptions - if a post is excepted from this rule, I will make a note of it in the post.

Corollary - don't attribute stuff I'm not responsible for to me.


Your comments are your own. I'm not going to raise a ruckus if someone steals one of your comments off of this blog.

I reserve the right to do whatever I want with comments submitted here, but to be honest, I haven't been bothered to find out what that consists of or how I'd go about doing it. Basically my comment policy is to remain such a small and insignificant blog that I never have to worry about spam or truly offensive trolleries.

These policies are subject to change whenever I'm motivated enough to do something about them. Like institute a totalitarian comment moderation scheme that disallows any criticism of myself or Patti Ann Browne. But Groundhog Day 2011 is not the first day of that regime.