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Further evidence of police incompetency.
Busting a marijuana grow-op is fairly routine for police in B.C.’s West Kootenay region. But when RCMP raided a grow-op near the tiny town of Christina Lake recently, they found what they say was an unusual security contingent – a troop of black bears.

Officers were “a little shocked” to discover 10 bears prowling the property like live “traps” waiting to greet intruders, said RCMP spokesman Corporal Dan Moskaluk.

Officers went about their work “cautiously,” said Corp. Moskaluk, but quickly realized the bears were quite mellow.
No doubt they were mellow. Heh.
There was no evidence the bears were also being fed marijuana.

But wait, there's more!
“Inside the residence there was a large pig roaming around and there was a large raccoon sleeping on the bed,” Corp. Moskaluk said. “Who knows what the raccoon was up to because he was just vegging in the house ... the pig was strolling around the household. He seemed to be a bit more nervous than the raccoon about the police officers’ presence.”

I'm starting to think that this was actually the set of a new sitcom.

Speaking of Mary Jane and Radio 3, here's your indie Canookistani song for teh post:


Clarification for Liberal Leftsists.

Apparently teh leftsist just don't get it. Atrios completely misses the point and then the guy he linked too blows it also.

Puh-leese. As noted by Doctor Zero,
This is not a First Amendment issue...At any rate, denying permission to build a single structure is not equivalent to suppressing the free exercise of religion.
Even if that denial is based solely on the religious nature of the building. You see, what you are all forgetting is that the First Amendment is for Real Americans ONLY. In fact, Obama's support for allowing Muslims the free exercise of religion is, in fact a deadly assault upon the First Amendment.

IF they had only just waited for one of the Escha-minions to explain it to them.


Teh East Coast is Backwards

How did the trip go? Pretty good - thanx 4 asking. Well, at least as good as two days in New Brunswick can get with a sixteen hour work-day stuck in the middle.

First night's dinner was on a patio in Bathurst and there was some sort of outdoor concert playing across the street at the waterfront park. Covers of that old time Rock 'n Roll - a totes serendipitous serenade. But the crowd sucked. I mean even worse than the folks at Bloodstock. Must have been a few hundred that turned out and they had about as much energy as a right blogger post-Cheeto-binge. If I were half the Dragon-King I was twenty years ago, I'd have taken a flamethrower to the place.

Anyways, no visit to New Brunswick is complete without a stop and then rolling backwards up Magnetic Hill.


Unlike Prop Hate, I'm Not Dead

Too many people beg off updating because they're too busy with their real lives. Well not me, no siree - I blame Obama DQIX. If I had sunk half the time into this blog as I did into farming Grubby Bandages off of Mummy Boys, there woulda been a masterwork of genius on this page every fricking day since July 21.

So anywho, here's your update:


Or to quote teh old white d00d appointed by Republican Bush teh Elder:
Proposition 8 fails to advance any rational basis in singling out gay men and lesbians for denial of a marriage license...the court concludes that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional.

Enjoy. I'll be outta town teh next coupla days - not that anyone other than the folks at Questers Rest are going to notice.