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So 1up dropped Scott Sharkey, easily the most interesting personality they had on staff.  He's the guy responsible for the Whiteboard animations - notably that one about monsters that everybody loved so much.  Well anyways, he's got a new Whiteboard up - the first of the post 1up era.

Oh and if you (Sharkey) are reading this - re: new name,
If you want to keep the connection with the older ones you did then you've already got plenty of suggestions with White or Whiteboard attached.  Most of the suggestions seem to be of that sort.  If you're looking to do something new and different than allow me to throw out some ideas.
That's Gonna Leave A Mark
Dry Erase Blues
Tabula Erasa (LOL Garriott!)
Sharkey's Magnificent Extravaganza of Sketches, Commentary and Mind Blowingly Awesome Group Sex*
*Group Sex not available in all audience locales.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

I think the Great White Sharkey variation was good, but I think "Shower Big Bad Bald Bastard with Buckets of Hundred-Dollar Bills" would be better.

Dragon-King Wangchuck said...

But money is filthy and dirty and you wouldn't get clean.