Teh Obion County Fire

So anyways, teh Obion County Fire. I'm sure we all know the story: Guy doesn't pay his $75 annual subscription fee, his house catches fire, the Fire Department lets it burn. Libertarians and right-wing nutjobs continue to display there utter lack of humanity by saying it was teh right thing to do [no link, I'm sure you can find plenty on your own].
Anyways, I made my position on it pretty clear at the Mothership.

As it turns out, it's been a pretty bad week for "compassionate" conservatism, with the Tea Party coming out against animal cruelty. This is related because as it happens, there were three dogs and a cat in that Obion County house.

I guess in Right Wing World, the horrifically cruel deaths of house pets is a small price to pay to keep them Cranicks from spongeing off their neighbours. Or rather, in the light of the Cranick's offer to pay whatever cost there was - what was really saved was an opportunity to be smugly judgemental and condescending towards a family just after they've lost everything.

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But... but... SOCIALISM!!!