Sunday Audition: O Say Can You CNN

Rick Sanchez is no longer with CNN. This a mere one day after implying that The Jews Control All Media. Clearly this is a case of anti-semitism - but not by Rick Sanchez. This is yet another example of the anti-semitism of CNN.

CNN clearly has a history of being totally fine with racist bigots on staff, so why was did this cause Sanchez to lose his job? Well, it's all a plot by CNN. After all, what better way to spread the idea that The Jews Control All Media than by immediately firing someone who dared to say so on camera.

In fact, it would not be surprising to find that CNN, as part of their jihadist plans, arranged the whole charade with Sanchez well in advance - and that Rick Sanchez is living it large on his extremely generous "severance package".

Furthermore, this is all part of a greater conspiracy to scare the entire world into keeping quiet about Jon Stewart. That is how this all started - with Sanchez making the clear and obvious observation that Jon Stewart is a bigot.

So beware all you television commentators - criticize Jon Stewart at your own peril. He has an army of anti-semitic network executives ready to have you fired.

P.S. - Speaking of CNN, and since even Big Breitbart won't do it, let me say a few words in James O'Keefe's defense - Abbie Boudreau is pretty frickin' hot.