That's Just Rand

I just realized that as teh GOP nominee for teh KY Senate seat, we'll have Rand Paul to provide us with entertainment at least until November. And it's quite possible that he'll win it too, giving us six more years of Rand. D00d is so full of FAIL that I absolutely had to make a tag just for teh Son of RevoLution.

Anyways, here's Rand Paul calling for changing the law so that people born in America won't be Americans.

Well, aside from the fact that it's "clearly unconstitutional" (provided you acknowledge that the fourteenth amendment is part of the Constitution - aha got you there Rand-h8rs!) there's this wonderful quote:
We're the only country that I know that allows people to come in illegally, have a baby, and then that baby becomes a citizen. And I think that should stop also.

Rilly? Well, firstly since when have patriotic Tea Party patriots who love the constitution decided that what other countries do should have any impact on what's done in patriotic America, the Land of Patriots?

No - I'm just kidding. The real problem with Rand's fucking stoopid noise is that he's wnrog. SRSLY. Rand Paul claims that the US is the only country that allows offspring of undocumented aliens citizenship based solely on the location of their birth.

As a Canookian (and with apologies to teh folks at Teh Mothership - Sadly No, eh!
Or possibly ¡Tristemente, No!
Or more generally, Sadly, No!


Substance McGravitas said...

Thus far what's most irritating about Paul is that he shut up.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

further entertainment: Rush (the band) tells Rand Paul he's no Tom Sawyer.