Non-Sunday Non-Audition: Wow, Does the WashPost Produce Some Shitty Op-Ed Thingies

Okay, Sunday Wednesday Audition was going to be about Elena Kagan, but the Tintin series at S,N! took the wind outta my sails. That plus I don't think I could do this one justice since Fred's already got a disingenuous asshole on the SCOTUS nominee beat.

Consider the following:

First, from teh AP:
Kagan came to the fore as a candidate who had worked closely with all three branches of government, a legal mind with both a sense of modesty and sense of humor. The source spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss factors that led to Kagan's impending nomination.
Incidentally AP, your anonymous source is what Marc Ambider describes as a White House Talking Points memo. Thanks AP, you show us bloggers that journaltastic jorundamalasm thing you do.

Andrea Stone tracks down high school classmate Michelle Hardy who said:
Elena was very quiet and very reserved, but when you got to know her, she had a fierce sense of humor.
Finally, via the uberliberal Wall Street Journal, a tale of Professor Kagan from a student who hated her class:
She chuckled. It turns out Kagan has quite a sense of humor (so long as you are on time).

That in mind, here’s Capehart at WashPost:
The conversation around the table was fun, raucous, ranged from the serious to the inane and was almost always filled with laughter. (Okay, I admit to being the really loud one.) But something has stayed with me since that night. Kagan, the solicitor general who had been in the running for the high court when President Obama chose now-Justice Sonia Sotomayor, was uncomfortably quiet -- for me. And once word leaked out last week that the unbelievably capable Kagan was Obama's pick, which was made official yesterday, that uncomfortable feeling came roaring back.

Great Jonathan, you got loaded and were the annoying and unsufferable jackass at a dinner party. Elena Kagan didn't laugh with you then. Therefore it's obvious that she'll be a horrible Supreme Court Justice.

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