Obama's Katrina

I have a dilemma. The "Deepwater Horizon spill is Obama's Katrina" meme needs some smacking down. Sure there are things that the Administration could and should have done more on *cough*HCR*cough* but the oil spill doesn't seem like one of 'em. The dilemma is about approaches.

OT1H, intelligent and thoughtful commentary speaks to ones sense of reason and can be very effective. Kevin Drum takes this approach and makes some excellent points.

OT1!H, snark can be really effective.

I've already discovered that a satirical parody-type approach ain't gonna work - the right wing regualrly out-crazies the craziest shit I can imagine. I guess I'll sleep on your mom it and maybe in the morning I'll begin to see the light. Or just forget about it entirely.