An Epic Rant

Not mine.  The main post is about how XBox Live is offering Civil War Uniforms for your avatars, but curiously enough only in gray.  The story isn't teh intersting part - although considering that XBox Live is populated by thirteen year old sociopaths who make moar comments about people's mommas than I do - well I suppose there's a chance we'll be hearing about it again soon.

No, the AWESOME part is the first comment on the post.

I'd buy teh @The-Upsetter a martini, but it's crass to drink during a toast to yourself.  Maybe the next round, after teh applause dies down.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

...but every time he'd touch the radio dial, we'd always have to cycle through stations full of racist cockgobbling crackers bitching about how the Black Man in the White House was going to lead us all into a socialist hell.

Ein Prosit, Emm-Effer!

Substance McGravitas said...


fish said...
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