Wait.  I haz a blog?

Okay, that was a bigger hiatus than normal, even for me.  So, let's get some of teh material that's backlogged (hee hee) for then past two weeks out of the way with a couple quickies.

1.  About that XBox racist soldier uniform - they pulled it before it got any news attention.  Despite the fact that the network has 20 million or so users and a billion dollars of annual revenue - it is entirely below the press radar.

2.  Hey since we're covering stuff that's way old and totes over and done with,,, About that whole Rebecca Watson the Skepchick and Creepy Elevator Guy thing - wow some d00ds are obtuse.  PROTIP:  It's not about Elevator Guy.  See, even if we go into your Nice Guy world and accept everything you believe to be true - you are still wrnog.  Sure this means we have to ignore shit like the fact that it was 4 AM.  The fact that teh whole thing was in teh context of Skepchick's earlier presentation about not wanting to be hit on and how teh widespread sexualization of female freethinkers probably has something to do with their low turnout at conventions.  Wash all of that away and take as gospel truth that Creepy Elevator Guy was totes nice and sincere and not creepy in any way (which BTW is ridiculous).  STILL WRNOG.

Teh whole thing has been about your reaction to Watson's mentioning of it at all.  Clearly she was upset by it - isn't it at all reasonable for her to say something?  Apparently not.  All she said was "Guys, don't do that."

Again, at this point no one gives a flying fuck about Elevator Guy.  This is about how the community has decided that complaints from women are just naggity-naggity-nag-nag and that they should all just shut teh fuck up.  And all that you stupid fucktard Defenders of Teh Bro have been doing is proving their point.  And that would be that an awful lot of misogynist bullshit rages mightily across teh atheist community.

3.  For Scott Lemieux and other Harry Potter virgins - All Of Harry Potter Re-Enacted By Cats in 1 Minute.  Note: SPOILERS.  Caveat - about HP, I am not a fan.

4. Apparently I missed the last round of teh Breeder Stakes.  Well before I correct that omission, here is a little something so very wrong.  And with that done, your Ultra Ninja Update:


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

hiatus: better than Hiatt-ass.

P.S. The kitten hairy pootter was awesome.

vacuumslayer said...

Thank you for your thoughts on Watson thing. I was getting pretty depressed reading some of the comments from Butthurt Priveleged White Guy™. Knowing that there are guys like you out there makes me feel less suicide-y.

Ultra Ninja is apparently afflicted with same unfortunate hairline Dudeskull is...but I would pinch those cheeks!!! Yes, I would! She's super-cute. Love the t-shirt. I'm pretty grossed out by toxic hipterism.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Where is Ultra-Ninja's kusarigama?

Regarding Elevator Guy- hell, it's weird even talking to a stranger on the elevator. Eyes forward, mouth shut. Regarding Ms. Watson's response, I think the best take on it is that it was good, sisterly advice that any guy should take to heart.

Of course, the response to the response has ranged from the outrageous to the positively revolting.

Jeffrey said...

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Substance McGravitas said...