First Through Five Millionth Read - What Does The Tea Party Think?

Y'all remember this latest bit on American stupidity? Well a Plum Line post has brought to my attention that the First Read folks at MSNBC have used the findings for a bit of introspection
Folks, the law HAS NOT been repealed. As we said when yet another poll showed a sizable portion of the American public thinking that -- incorrectly -- President Obama is a Muslim, everyone deserves blame here. The politicians. The citizenry. And especially the news media. We aren't doing our jobs when the populace is this misinformed. As a collective, look at how the court decisions striking down the health law get covered vs. the decisions to uphold it. And then look at the conservative media outlets and their coverage of this issue.

The conservative media outlets.

PROTIP for MSNBC - They are ALL conservative media outlets, MSNBC included. Proof? That bit of introspection comes in a long list of other observations, it's one of those "here's all the interesting stories" posts. What are the other intersting stories?
- Lead-off, the 2012 GOP battle - who will be the next Presidential Candidate (R)?
- Next most important story - What Does The Tea Party Think?
- Who is running.
- Who isn't running.
- What Does The Tea Party Think? SRSLY, not a typo - two of their first five points are about the Tea Party's reaction to the 2012 preznit nomination battle.
- Something about Wisconsin.

That's your lie-beral-est lefty news org there.

So yeah, tailor your news coverage to appeal to the moron idiots that make up the Tea Party people - and quelle surprise, they end up not getting informed at all! When all you talk about are people who despise Obamacare with all of their shrivelled and ignorant little hearts - it's no wonder most of America thinks Obamacare has already been repealed.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

If "Obamacare" had been passed by an old, white Republican, the teabaggers would love it.

It's not very liberal.

vacuumslayer said...

MSNBC has a block of programming every weeknight that leans decidedly left. The rest of the time it is fairly "lamestream." It is NOT the liberal answer to FOX, which is 24-hour propaganda network that will do anything including fudging polling data and calling some (liberal) protesters hateful in order to keep being the teatards' butt-buddy.