Blogroll Amnesty Day 2011

I don't even have a blogroll yet and I'm two hours late. Did I mention that I'm lazy?

Here's the rules. Five blogs with less traffic than yours, no jokes about how there are no blogs smaller than yours.

Firstly, yes this is a small blog, but I actually have no idea how small. So I don't know if what I'm linking qualifies as smaller than l'idiot l'escalier. In fact I'm certain that some of them aren't. It's quite probable that none of them are. Spirit of the thing is to promote stuff that is under-appreciated or not something your readers would know about, so I'm going with that as my criteria.

1. Consider the Source. I'm pretty sure he gets more hits than I do, and that's as it should be. His stuff is way more substantial. Even now that his update schedule has become more sporadic than mine (congratz on the job mikey) swinging by to check in over there makes more sense than finding out whose mom it is that I'm claiming to fuck this week.

2. Whatever it is that Sharkey is calling this thing. Sharkey probably gets orders of magnitude more pageviews than I do, but since his subject matter is different from my subject matter, it may actually be new to people reading this post. And funnier than a barrel of monkeys in a rubber chicken factory during a freak peanut-butter related meteorological event. Bonus - his current post is about getting raped by bears. How can that not be funny?

3. Also in the much-bigger-than-my-blog category, Steve Munro is Toronto's go-to guy on transit issues. Also smart as hell and absolutely passionate about transit.

4. This one's just to get a certain large and non-hirsute individual to update The Five Thousand Year Creep. Geez, I poked it in the comments with a sexy red-headed Russian spy posing in lingerie and nothing happened. The panther is beyond teasing, it needs medical intervention.

5. Acoustic! Kitty! is new (as in the past few hours new) and most of the folks who would be reading this post have already read the entirety of everything that T&U's posted. I'm linking because the proprietor there seemed kinda ambivalent about the whole blogging thing in teh days leading up to the first post and I want to add my bit of encouragement. That's what blogroll amnesty day's about, right?

Okay, that out of the way - a few words about this blog, specifically regarding size. The reason given for the "no bad jokes about no blogs having less traffic" rule is that it's unfunny and whiny. Well, I think you can milk funneh out of anything - so there's gotta be a worthwhile bad joke in there somewhere. Moar importantly though, I want to address the issue of whiny.

This is a small blog - and that's hte way I like it. I don't spend an awful lot of time formatting layout or crafting posts. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I'm kinda lazy. Also, I enjoy the freedom of being read by only a small group of folks. They are the best folks anyways. Except fish. Damn you fish.

So why bother? Well, samiply because I want to. Sometimes there's stuff that gets under my skin and I just have to yell about it. Sometimes I think I've come up with something totally hilarious and just have to say it out loud. And sometimes I just want to have some place to state my opinion of whatnot in a kinda of official fashion (at least as aofficial as can be done under a pseudonym).

So when I acknowledge my low traffic status - I'm not trying to be whiny about it. SRSLY, the attention-whore in me gets its fix in comment threads at Teh Mothership, this blog isn't here for that reason. Note that I'm not saying that adulation and praise are unwarranted unwelcome, just that it is unrelated to why I blog.

That's also why this place is so haphazard and sporadically updated. That plus I'm lazy.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

You've got two posts in February already, which is twice what I gots.

Quit showing me up, mister hardworker!

vacuumslayer said...

Some of us can multi-task and be lazy, haphazard and attention-whoring at the same time. It takes talent, but if you don't try hard enough you may get there one day.

Dragon-King Wangchuck said...

Quit showing me up, mister hardworker!

Don't worry, I'll start lightening up soon.

skippy said...

hey thanks for participating! i'll be happy to give you a mention on skippy!

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Watch what you say about my friend fish.

fish said...

I save all my praise and adulation for your mom.