But I Didn't in Haley.

UPDATE: OMG, What's this doing here already? I am going to have to figure out this Schedule Posts option. My intent was for this to go up after the SC polls closed. I guess I'll have to console myself with the fact that my influence amongst SC Republicans is zero or less.

So, nevermind that she's up twenty points in the last poll so this is a safe bet - and nevermind that this endorsement is coming well over an hour after the polls have closed.

I am endorsing Nikki Haley. No, it's not my "firebagger" tendency to agree with Irky Irksome or The Quitta from Wasilla. Here's why:

Firstly, I don't know enough about Nikki Haley or her positions (heh) on the issues. The strikes against her are 1. She's Republican and 2. She's a Tea Party favourite. Well, that's just guilt by association - she might turn out to be a totally reasonable individual. Okay maybe not totally reasonable and still a member of the GOP, but not necessarily more deranged than your average pol.

I do know that Andre Bauer was the force behind the I BELIEVE license plate fiasco. So there's a big plus on her side - she's not Andre Bauer.

Regardless, it would be totally reckless of me to endorse someone based on just those reasons. There's two other repubs running in that primary that are also not Andre Bauer.

No, here is why - all I know about Nikki Haley is tied into the salacious rumours about her extra-curricular activities. And those are just rumours.

Why is that a reason? Well consider this - there are two(ish) possibilities - 1. that she sleeps around or 2. that she doesn't. Let's tackle #2 first. If that is indeed the case, and this entire thing has been part of a concentrated effort by SC GOP insiders to derail her nomination by ruining the two separate families. Ludicrous, but if that is indeed the case then I am solidly behind anyone that is being targetted by such an inhuman group.

So, what if she did do it. What if she is an adulterous libertine? Well, in that case I am also firmly in support. Seriously, whatever she does with other consenting adults in the privacy of some sleazy motel room that rents out by the hour - well so long as she was practising safe sex and not exposing her husband to unkonown risks of sexually transmitted infections - that is her business. Well and the guy's, however many of them there might be. And the photographer. And the media outlet that buys the photo and their readers. But other than that, totally private and without bearing on her fitness for the executive.

Besides, it would mean that she is pro-sex-with-bloggers, and I'm certainly not going to undermine that platform.

SRSLY, consider that Mark Sanford is still Govenor - obviously the SC-GOP doesn't have that big an issue with adultery. Also John Ensign is still sitting in the US Senate, Newt Gingrich is considered one of the top guys in the party, their presidential candidate was John Skirtchaser McCain the Third. Punishing Nikki Haley for sleeping around when those other guys get off (heh) without rebuke (well except Sanford, I guess we won't have him to kick around much longer) that would be sexist.

SO, if any South Carolinian Republicans are reading this and have access to a time machine that will take them back in time at least a couple hours - vote for Nikki Haley. Do it for gender equality.


Mendacious D said...

Do it for gender equality.

And this is exactly why she'll get no support if this turns out to be true, or even if it doesn't. The GOP never saw a double-standard it didn't like.

Dragon-King Wangchuck said...

I dunno. Institutionalized systemic bigotry in the Republican Party is a very good argument, but them greedy fuckers love winning at any cost. Nikki Haley comes (heh) with a pretty good shot at winning the general. Plus Republican big wigs will want to support her because that'll give 'em an excellent opportunity to get in her pants.