Open Letter to Ann Leary

Dear Anne Leary,

I humbly crave your indulgence in sending you this mail, if the contents does not meet with your personal and business ethics, I appologise in advance.

I am Dragon-King Wangchuck, the TRUEauthor of Dreams From My Father. When I originally wrote the biography for Barauch Hussein Stalin Obama Soetero X, he was merely a law student who happened to have a good connection for primo weed. With the advent of the new totalitarian autocratic state of the Obamanation in the country under the leadership of the Kenyan USURPER, I have come under severe threat of eradication (see OBAMA DEATH LIST, &c.) due to the sensitive position I had in authoring his seminal biography.

The main purpose of this letter is to intimate you of a business proposal that might be of interest to you. Royalties from Dreams From My Father are in excess of several millions of your US dollars, every year. Additionally with the Obama PROPAGANDA SQUADS spreading brainwashing throughout the country, sales can only increase, indicating towards future royalties of even greater riches. Unfortunately, just as Baraque Hussein Osama Lenin Soetero X usurped the Oval Office, he has also stolen my due rewards.

Here is the proposal, I do have in my possession certain audio-tapes that I used in my interviews with the future usurping president that incontrovertibly prove my authorship of Dreams From My Father, as well as statements he made whilst in the grip of the DEMON WEED that indicate his true nature (hint: rhymes with Will Khitey!).

Unfortunately I now longer have the audio-tapes at hand, as they were absconded with by a former intimate acquaintance after an acrimonious domestic dispute. I have been informed that all of the possessions I had that were taken from me during the split will be returned once I make up my share of the back rent owing. Sadly, this amount of money is beyond my current ability. What is needed for the execution of this endeavour is immediate amounts of liquidity, preferably in small unmarked bills. The current amount is ten thousand dollars, but is increasing as time goes on.

I have attempted to contact you since you are a famously well-known and highly regarded conservative blogger and have both great interest in revealing the fraudulent nature of the current occupant of the highest ofice in the land. Additionally, it is clear that your obvious levels of success indicate great business acumen. I propose that upon recipt of the outstanding back-rent and recovery of the audio-tapes, I shall immediately file suit to recover my stolen royalties which I will share with you 50-50. Additionally, I will mae available to you any copies of the audio-tapes that you desire, for the purpose of spreading the truth about Barkadia Hussein Jong Il Soetero X. Should this proposition be of interest to you, you can reach me through my e-mail address thus; dkwangchuck@gmail.com so that we can go through the rudiments of this enterprise.
I remain most obliged.

Dragon-King Wangchuck

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