The Method of Elimination

Well, as the Crack Mayor story festers there are points which get beat to death.  Just about everyone other than the die-hard Ford Nation dead-enders has accepted that a video exists.  Here is the latest news on that front.  How did Rob Ford know where the video was?  The photo.  There's four people in the photo, one of them is Rob Ford, and two of them have been shot.  Granted, there also had to be someone who took the photo, but narrowing down the list of people who might have the tape in their possession sounds like it should be pretty straight-forward.

Speaking of,,, that Star story relies on a leak.  Someone at the May 17 meeting talked.  It was exclusive enough that Towhey wasn't there - which means a pretty short list.  Also, it wasn't leaked until this week.  Since the time of that meeting, three staffers have left the Mayor's Office, and it's confirmed that two of them were not at the May 17th meeting.

UPDATE:  Okay, two more have quit.  Not so clear cut now /UPDATE

BTW, the Anthony Smith case?  Shortly after the shooting, police said they were interested in the location of a certain specific individual.  That guy turned himself in and he was charged with murder.  Well, as is constantly happening in this whole hooferaw, the plot thicks.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

And it's still getting better!

This is just like a pot roast.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Heck, if it was America, we'd just send the FBI in to kill everybody.

Substance McGravitas said...

My mind will be blown if there's really murder involved. This whole thing is so crass. Can Rob Ford really be Canadian? Are we sure he didn't somehow sneak in from Dystopia?