Predictions 2012

Okay, making my ill informed wild ass guesses about tomorrow right now.  Note, I made some predictions about 8 months ago but these have evolved - well at least on the Senate side of things.

Electoral College - I'm sticking with Obama at 340.  I'm calling on Willard not breaking 200.  You heard it at teh Mothership first, back in March.
Senate - wow, this is the story of the election.  I'm revising to 54+2 Dem+Ind, 40 GOP and 2 recounts.  Also noting that 538 is listing Senator Warren at 94% probability while Politico is running with this.
House - talk about overlooked.  You try to find some decent analysis and forecasts about how the House is going to turn out - there ain't any.  So I will go with my March prediction, 220 Democrats, 213 Republicans and two contests going to extra innings.

How much faith to place in these?  Probably zero - but let's look at my track record from that batch of predictions:
-I said Leafs rally to miss playoffs by 8 points.  They ended the season going 4-5-2 and missing the playoffs by 12.
-I said that Walker would be recalled, he wasn't.  I said that that three Senate seats will go D, but only one did.
-I said that on July 4th Kobayashi would not compete at Nathan's.  He didn't.  I said he'd eat 64 hot dogs - he actually ate 58.5 but was reported as eating 68.5 (averaging to 63.5 - not that this number means anything).  I said Joey Chestnut would win by eating 68 hot dogs and that is exactly what he did.
-I said the Wii-U launch is going to rock.  I stand by this and note that it's a much more accepted position to have since the launch line-up reveal.  Also, MH3U in March 2013 - expect me to pull another thorough vanishing act just af.ter that date.  Sorry, but my new true love is your mom smashing giant dinosaurs in the head with comically oversized hammers.

So, I seem to know competitive eating but not hockey nor elections.  So let's hope Tuesday is more like disgustingly gorging yourself on tube shaped mystery meat then it is like casting ballots for your favoured candidate.

Edit: Popular vote.  Obama 51% Romney 47%


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Casting IIWAG before swine, eh?

M. Bouffant said...

I appreciate you game-playing types, you always make me feel so much better about myself.

Substance McGravitas said...

That's a lotta work!

Dragon-King Wangchuck said...

Giant dinosaurs. Getting hit in the head. With comically oversized hammers. I dunno how you spell entertainment down south, probably without a U - but round these parts, that is a recipe for never leaving the basement.