GDit Virginia

332-206. Not quite 340. Edit: I am a bit of an idiot. When i saw the tally 10 votes shy if my prediction, I assumed Virginia went red. I really dunno how I got to 340.

Senate, I only assigned 98 seats, herp derp. Got the Dem Caucus numbers right at 56 though. Missed on recounts and if you split those with the seats I didn't assign, I am off by 2.

House. Well if I was close on this it'd be freaky. Fortunately I missed by a mile. I really did expect bigger Dem gains here with a serious decimation of the Tea Party freshmen. And while teatards lost seats, it was nowhere near as much as I thought it would be. Plus the GOP Congress losses were offset by heavier D losses than I expected as well.

Overall? Not a bad performance considering I made most of those predictions in March. I would grade myself a B+.

Edit: Last minute popular vote prediction looks like it will be right on the money. If it is, I am bumping myself to A-.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I roll on a downhill grade, meself...enjoy the curve!


M. Bouffant said...

Nice little racket you got there, grading yourself & everything.