Even Still Michael Jackson

It’s that time of year again, when everybody’s Irish, and therefore the Irish are everybody - even Michael Jackson. So without further ado, MJ covers by artists with Irish blood in ‘em.

Despite all the ways I know about Mariah Carey’s mom (okay, just the one way), I was surprised to lurn that she’s Irish-American. So we’ll start with the obv. – and not the memorial service performance.

Speaking of obvious, there’s a Chris Cornell version of Billie Jean, but d00d needs to switch to decaf or something. Srsly, I don’t want Mariah to be the understated and restrained performance for this post, so instead, here’s Irish Upside-Downy Neil Finn:

Speaking of Billie Jean - I don’t know if this Canuck is Irish or not, but I feel obliged to leave this link for the Greatest Spengler in the World.

edit: fizzed sum links