Your Economy's Kung-Fu is Not Strong

disclaimer: I have a soft spot for Stabenow.

Anywho, teh Hoekstra ad. Hee hee. But teh really funneh part is teh doubling down where he claims that there is no racial tint at all to yellowgirl take your job.

I dunno if you've had teh chance to peruse debbiespenditnow.com, but it's no wonder he's standing by his racist ad. His entire campaign appears to be based on OOGA BOOGA TEH YELLOW MENACE!

No links because, woohoo - that's some racist shit right there.

Anyways let's run through teh checklist, shall we?
Soundtrack - gongs, taiko and quarter-tones from a chinese fiddle.
Rice paddies.
She's got a fucking straw hat on her back.
Broken Engrish.
We take your jobs.

I'm guessing that teh reason she bicycles up is that they couldn't bring themselves to pay a second asian actor to pull teh rickshaw.

It's bad enough that even Hot Air thinks teh ad comes off as racist. But teh comment threads and Hoekstra's official response is teh best part. That in teh face of such a blatantly offensive bit of racist China-baiting, they are standing around saying that there's nothing going on. Totally oblivious (or at least pretending to be). Like that's a big improvement over being straight-up racist simple and plain. Whole thing reminds me of a Simpsons episode.

Looking forward to teh point when Hoekstra finally concedes that teh ad is racist and tells teh world "me so solly!"


TruculentandUnreliable said...

"I'm guessing that teh reason she bicycles up is that they couldn't bring themselves to pay a second asian actor to pull teh rickshaw."

I snorted.

Also, too, I read the comments on this article (LOL on a variety of levels at your horrible headline, Detroit Free Press)for some stupid, stupid reason. The highlight was the dude who claimed that the ad wasn't racist because it depicted Chinese culture and he should know because he spent 13 months in South Korea.

White people are so fucking embarrassing.

M. Bouffant said...

Remember, this election is in a state where autoworkers (or just drunken assholes, or drunken asshole autoworkers) beat an Asian guy to death sometime in the '70s (Early 80s?) because he was Asian & therefore taking their jobs!

Dragon-King Wangchuck said...

T&U, I think "frap a dickie" is probably teh best response to folks who don't think teh ad is racist.

MB, d00d was Vincent Chin. 1982. d00d had his skull busted by a baseball bat. killer got three years probation and a three thousand dollar fine.