Eat My Shorts

A lot of electrons have died for commentary about the catfood commission report. Some insightful things have been said - about stuff like how the "middle class" is getting screwed and how the rich will make out like bandits. About how you get stupid ass shit like the Bowles-Simpson report when you ask moronic idjits like Bowles and Simpson to do stuff. SRSLY, the way to reduce the deficit is with tax cuts? WTF?!?

Anyways, here's the part that really got me riled up:
But the plan would not count Social Security savings toward the overall deficit-reduction goal that Mr. Obama set for fiscal year 2015, reflecting the chairmen’s sensitivity to liberal critics who have complained that Social Security should be fixed only for its own sake, not to help balance the nation’s books.

IOW, Bowles and Simpson are suggesting massive cuts to Social Security - not for deficit reduction, which was nominally their mandate - but because of Fuck You, You Dirty Fucking Apes.

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vacuumslayer said...

But tax cuts sound good. Feel good. That's what counts, right?