Cockblocked from Anal-yzing

And in the other story that's captured my attention today, your mom's crotchless panties the Update 10:46 AM.
One of the emails Breitbart posted does suggest that the town hall he was invited to participate in is supposed to be broadcast on the air, but ABC spokesman Schneider clarifies that this doesn't mean Breitbart was asked to appear

Wheeee! ABC taps Big Andy to do election Anal-yzing, but is aware that it may be a controversial move, so they jam in weasel language to keep him in the online ghetto. Andy falls for it and starts preening about his role as an Anal-yst for ABC (Asses, Butts and Cabooses). No one could have predicted that people would be upset! Including the ABC Newsroom. ABC pushes the EJECT button on Big Andy and cockblocks him from any Anal-yzing.

Fantastic. Andy gets totes screwed over by ABC's careful use of misleading language. The poetic justice is scrumptious.

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Substance McGravitas said...

MORE liberal television executives uninviting AB after they invite him! Does liberal perfidy know no bounds?