Sunday Audition: Unprecedented Ramming

Today is a momentous day in history since it is the day that marks the complete breakdown of the Americac political system.  The pure gamesmanship and procedural follies being employed by the government are shocking and simply unprecedented.

First, there's the the fact that he's tackling health care at all.  At a time when the nation has much more important issues to deal with.  Two wars, a financial meltdown, a housing crisis, unemployment levels through the roof, a loss in the Olympic gold medal hockey game, something about Sandra Bullock and Jesse James and the whole Tiger Woods thing - America has much more important things on her plate.

It's a bait and switch of epic proportions.  Candidate Obama didn't run on reforming health care, in fact Obama's health care platform during the 2008 campaign was very sparse and proposed no major changes.  Chasing this completely unrelated issue from out of the blue is unprecedented.

Secondly, the use of reconciliation.  This arcane and almost never used procedure sets up a horribly undemocratic precedent whereby measures supported by a majority of Senators can be passed.  It's never been used for health care before.  In a word, unprecedented.

Thirdly, the Slaughter Rule.  Slaughter of the Constitution if you ask me.  This is where the House of Representatives will vote on two related measures at the same time.  Another completely unprecedented use of an arcane almost never used procedure.

Fourthly, the House now intends on not using the self-executing Slaughter Rule.  Although it is no surprise to see Democrats completely abandon their convictions, the sheer scope of this reversal is unprecedented.  It's a size 20, EEEEE-wide flip-flop.

These are certainly enough points to demonstrate how the Democrats are subverting the legislative process, but much more importantly is the behaviour of Barack Hussein Obama Junior himself.  Obama has forcefully inserted himself into the debate.  Although we would expect Obama to meddle in the affairs of others, he is a Democrat after all, the size of his footprint on this issue (and you know what they say about big footprints) is unprecedented.

The Framers wrote the Constitution very carefully and defined several distinct and separate branches of government.  There is the judicial branch, the legislative branch, the executive branch and the vice-presidential branch.  The important factor is that these are separate arms of the government - separate.  The President does not write legislation, Congress does.  And Barack Obama's attempts to manipulate Congress - his unconstitutional over-reach in pressuring the House and Senate into passing legislation - these actions erode the very foundation of the Republic.

Never before has a President even considered attempting to influence Congress - and every health care reform speech made by Obama is yet another direct assault on the Constitution.  He is acting as a traitor to his own country, and all for the sake of ramming his huge reform package down the throats of the American people.  Unprecedented.


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Well, despite having Obama's packing being rammed down their throats, the teabaggers most certainly won't keep taking it on the chin.

Armed insurrection is a-brewin'.

Substance McGravitas said...

the Americac political system

You even gag when you say it!!

Dragon-King Wangchuck said...

Them typos are intentional, for Ferd's sake.