Whoa, I Still Remember My Password


Probably would have left things alone until Toilet Day, but we've got an election on Monday so I figured I ought to say something.  Uh, don;t forget to vote?  Eh?

Also too, teh Globe and Mail's endorsement.  My head is spinning.  The sheer unabated wankeriness.  Ferd Hiatt of teh War Criminal Post only dreams of this level of unaware delusional self-importance.  It's a bit niche as you'll have to have an inkling about Canadian politics to get it but if you have that, prepare to be astounded

A thing of beauty.  It's like the editorial board wants to have their cake and eat it too, but only about wanking instead of cake.  Not that I'm suggesting that they eat their own spunk - well maybe but without the spunk #MoreGlobeEndorsements

Actually #MoreGlobeEndorsements are now a thing.  First up, a Shorter of the Globe's endorsement.

Some more samples:

This one also needs some Canadian politics background but it's a winner.

Anywho - I might be back after teh polls close.  As in back to my historic active ignoring of this blog instead of forgetting about it completely.  Silly Season's been on us for a while now - Donald Trump, really? - so I might have some stuff to yell into teh ether.

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M. Bouffant said...

Whoa, you're still in my news feeder.

All of America envy y'all's election.