Since New York legalized same sex marriage, this was pretty much inevitable. I endorse teh message - Bert, Ernie, fabulous nuptials. Make it happen.

I am disappoint in Jezebel for throwing cold water on teh idea. And doing so by parroting teh official party line. Don't exist below teh waist, huh? How do you explain this then?

Actually, let's look at that official statement again:
They were created to teach preschoolers that people can be good friends with those who are very different from themselves.
OMG. What could be moar in keeping with that thAn showing a loving homosexual couple? Every single character that appears in media for pre-schoolers is assumed straight. Many are obviously and clearly heterosexual. Even muppets and their stereotypically heteronormative behaviour.

OTOH, @Joan_Rivers does have a hard to refute argument.

Editted - Twitter protocol failure. And for GrammarBlaster Peter.
And one moar time to link Julian Sanchez who says what I'm trying to much bettar and almost two weeks earlier.


vacuumslayer said...

I was gonna say that muppets were and should remain asexual...but you actually made a good case for them not being that at all. I think we get to used to everything defaulting to heterosexuality, anything that is not overtly sexual sort of just disappears. So, I'm with you: Let Bert and Ernie become Burnie. And may all their bridesmaids wear stripey orange and yellow taffeta dresses.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

The Muppet Show was rife with inter-species shenanigans, but of course, those were show biz people.

either way, the Muppet Show was awesome.

However, I buy your argument that what is deemed 'asexual' is actually conformant to the dominant culture. Smash the Patriarchy with foam puppets!

If Bert and Ernie get married, the bridesmaids better all be Gonzo's chickens though.

Dragon-King Wangchuck said...

Yeah teh Muppet Show was AWESOME. And while Kermit of course is part of both shows, let me focus a bit moar on Sesame Street.

First, teh live performers:

No one talked about Luis and Maria's sexuality when they got married and she got pregnant. Gordon and Susan are portrayed as a loving married couple with no hints about what happens below the waist. Apparently even Gaydar-pinging Bob had a girlfriend.

And then the Muppets:

Teh Count's lady friends. Oscar's opposite number. And of course, there is this.

So Sesame Street has plenty of non-sexualized romantic relationships. And every single one is heterosexual. Way to be inclusive there Children's Television Workshop!

vacuumslayer said...

How do remember all this stuff? I barely remember a thing about Sesame St. Have you been watching old shows with UN?

Peter said...

Better "than." See? Teh homerseckshuals have brokeded (autocorrect suggests "brocaded." Fabulous.) your lingwidge (lungworts) skilz.

Dragon-King Wangchuck said...

Not yet.

I'm a Sesame Street scholar because it helps me with teh matronly ladies;)

Actually, I just remembered a lot of it because Sesame Street was a big part of my youth. Some of the rest (like Linda, whom I remember but do recall being romantically linked to Bob, whom I always thought was totes not heterosexual) I got from teh Muppet wiki. Hooray for teh Intarmuppet.

Dragon-King Wangchuck said...


I am sorry that you am disappoint too. Fixings try to make and all better now.

Ryespacefixedly Yours,

vacuumslayer said...

Actually, I just remembered a lot of it because Sesame Street was a big part of my youth.

Awww. Endearing. See? It totally works.

No way.

Substance McGravitas said...

You know, given the shape of the muppet mouth blowjobs are gonna be tough for the poor guys.