Open Letter to Matthew Dowd

Matthew Dowd,

In your column from Monday you said
And conversely, I laugh when many progressives celebrate my column and WikiLeaks' release of information because government is some sort of cabal of corporate and authoritarian interests. Don't these same progressives want government more involved in our lives on health care and medical decisions?

I must admit to having had some confusion over this paragraph.  Why would you laugh?  The idea that progressives would like more government involvement (i.e. with health care) seems completely consistent with also wanting greater transparency on government itself.  Progressives wish for government to be more open and accountable.  Progressives want greater risk and threat of secret deliberations and back-room decisions being exposed.  Mistrust of authority as a characteristic of The Left?  That's always been the case.  And is totally in keeping with wanting more government action in general.

Then I realized that you are a fucking idiot.  I had forgotten that moronic shitheads like you think that responsibility should be inveresely proportional to power, despite Peter Parker's Uncle Ben being an old white guy.

Let me try to explain this.  Nobody is Superman, not even the President.  As much as the goal of having a "Government of Laws, Not Men" is a noble aim, that Government of Laws is still staffed by men.  Shit Happens - for example sometimes a bloodthirsty warmongering psychopath manages to get an incurious narcisstic moron elected President and then he goes of to shoot an old man in the face.  Sometimes too, political types try and stuff goverment agencies with ideologues and sycophantic hacks or with the agents of the Big Money that fuels their election campaigns.  Just because a person is elected, that doesn't make them some sort of paragon of virtue.  The President is not a super-hero, he's a politician.  And for Progressives, this is even true of Democratic Presidents.

So, yes.  Progressives understand quite well that things can go wrong.  Sometimes even intentionally wrong.  Where people in authority consciously and actively decide not to follow the rules.  In these cases, us crazy lefties are actually comforted by the idea that there may be a chance that these actions would be revealed.  In fact, the further left you go, the more likely you'll find progressives holding that position regardless of TERRORISM or ISLAMOFASCISTS or COMMIES or BUGABOO OF THE MOMENT!  And, the more that government actors are bound by the threat of the public finding out what is being done in its name - the more Progressives want them to be doing.  Or conversely, dirty fucking hippies want more government programs and support for the environment and arts and the poor and health care and people in all sorts of distress - a position that matches exactly with having a sceptical view of authority.  We want them to do more AND we don't want them to do it wrong.

Although I understand if not doing things wrong is a tough concept for you to grasp, Matthew.

Dragon-King Wangchuck


Substance McGravitas said...

I loved my last Secret Surgery!

Anonymous said...

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