There Are None So Blind As The Folks Who Comment At Gay Patriot

So anyways, I was reading some Sadly, No! and get out of the boat when I clicked on a Gay Patriot (West) link.

JennOfArk took up the gauntlet and did a smashing fine job at provoking Blatt's commentariat into a frothy mass.  Left unaddressed is her plain and simple point that there are no prominent GOPpers who actively promote gay rights.  None.  Anyways, hats off to a mighty fine job of reflecting the sun into that den of weasels and highlighting exactly how bad they are.

There is all sorts of stupid in that thread - the set of the first two comments together is like a case study in lack of self-awareness. Bruce makes an appearance @66 starting with a Heh Indeedy about the lack of proof that conservatives are homophobic bigots (PROTIP for Bruce: read the thread, you're soaking in it) followed by the claim that The most supportive person in America on gay rights is actually Dick Cheney. SRSLY. That to these folks, the reception of GOProud at CPAC shows how much the Right loves them some gays.

That there is some heavy duty stupid shit, but hats off to North Dallas Thirty for blowing them all away in terms of plain offensive ignorance and general wrongness.

And although Jennifer's probably right in that this particularly odious asshole is too stupid to merit a response - sometimes I feel compelled to let idiots drag me down to their level to beat me with experience.  Anyways, sometimes someone has to state the obvious since assuming the general populace is intelligent enough to know why ND30 is full of shit is pretty optimistic, and that's leaving out the fact that we're talking about readers of Gay Patriot.

Anywho, here's the argument - Jennifer asks what practical reason exists to deny gay folks the right to marry.  The answer is that incest, pedophilia, bestiality and polygamy are also not recognized by the state - so there.  Nyah Nyah Nyah, go home lib.


So to belabour the obvious (since at least a handful of Gay Patriot readers seem to think this is a great argument) those things cited are illegal.  And not illegal in the "your marriage isn't recognized by the state" illegal, but illegal in the "Go To Jail, Do Not Collect $200" sense of the word.  Well, except for bestiality in New Jersey, but that's a twist thats too complicated to address in this post.

More importantly, at least to us crazed leftist lie-berals, there's the issue of consent.  Children and animals can not give consent.  That's not a subtle or nuanced difference.  Marriage between consenting adults who happen to be of the same gender is not the same as institutionalizing rape.  It really isn't.  As for polygamy and incest, they are both laden with power dynamic issues that make consent a difficult thing to address.  And to pre-empt the moronic rebuttal - This doesn't mean that all homosexual relationships are automatically 100% consenting.  Unless you're comparing them to people fucking children and sheep, in which case you are a dickwad asshole shitbag fuckstain.

And there's the thing - these folks hanging out at Gay Patriot are making that comparison.  They see nothing wrong with comparing a gay relationship between two consenting adults to pedophilia...in the midst of an argument about self-hating gays.  For them, the idea of a same-sex couple in a serious and meaningful relationship wanting to be acknowledged by society is as ridiculous as a blind man that wants to drive.

If I were to tell a loving heterosexual couple that they must feel about each other the same way pederastic Catholic priests feel about altar boys - I doubt that it would be received well.  In fact the assumption would be that I held some sort of personal animosity towards that couple.  Would it be an unreasonable assumption?

And yet here we have a bunch of commenters saying that gay relationships are just like the relationship between Robert Melia Jr. and his cows.

So B. Dan Blatt, as to your "challenge" - I haven't used the term self-hating to describe gay conservatives so I'm not in the target group.  In fact, like Jennifer, I'm sure that there are people who are gay, conservative and not anti-gay.  Regardless, you wanted examples self-loathing gay conservatives so allow me to link this nice long thread of anti-gay sentiment in a context of a forum for gay conservatives.


Larkspur said...

Teh excellent, DKW.

Aunt Snow said...

Bravo.....golf clap

Jennifer said...

Well done, DKW. And thanks for the shout-out. So often I battle with complete fucking morons and fail to get appreciation...because they're complete fucking morons.

Dragon-King Wangchuck said...

Thank you all. Happy 4-20.

Larkspur said...

I am coming back here because S,N! is just so crowded, and I think I might be coming down with a mild case of adult-onset autism because over there none of my brainish-cognitive filters seem to work. So I'm on overload. Last time I looked, actor212 was all angry about something related to religion, and if, as a result, everyone gets smote down, I'm going to be really embarrassed, on account of I don't actually believe in He Who Smiteth Down Unpleasantness and The Purveyors Thereof.

You know? Fire bad. Tree pretty.

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Part of me thinks that the Blattid is just contrary for the sake of attention. If he were apolitical or moderate, the boring old toad would get a couple of hits a year, if that.

Dragon-King Wangchuck said...

Larkspur, feel free to hang out anytime but bear in mind that even I don't check this blog very often.

B^4, so you're saying that Blatt isn't a homophobic gay guy, but just plays one on his blog for attention? Maybe, but he seems so earnest in his distaste for gays and the gay community. And in his support of the refuge for bigots that is the GOP. Let's compromise on this one, Dan Blatt can be both a shameless attention whore and a queer bashing homo.