A Rising Chorus Lifts All Boasts

So apparently both Atrios and BM Matt are allupons over Ramesh Ponnuru's characterization of transit as anti-American.  With multiple posts from each.  All researched and linky too.  Probably lotsa other folks are incensed as well.  I appreciate that fighting back against the Mighty Wurlitzer / Right Wing Noise Machine sometimes requires repetition so I'd like to do my part, not only to amplify the message, but as a reminder to others as to what's actually going on.  Here is the real response that the National Review article should have gotten:

Rich Lowry and Ramesh Ponnuru are idiots.

UPDATE: via Brad at S,N!

Apparently the key to preventing terrorism is to make your enemies fear you with blatant displays of violence and militarism. Who knew!

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