Sunday Audition: Obama Fails Again

A comprehensive health care reform bill that creates a national health exchange, complete with an option to enroll in a government-run program, has just passed the US House of Representatives.  While the development may seem to be good news for President Barack Obama, being the realization of health care reforms he had been pressing throughout the 2008 Presidential campaign, it is in fact just another in the long line of stinging rebukes of his failing presidency.

The House bill is such an indictment of Obama's ideals that his response to it happening was a clear declaration of his intent to veto the bill, should it cross his desk.

How did this happen?  Liberals like to joke about things that "no one could have predicted", usually about some sort of situation that is truly unpredictable.  But the fact that Barack Obama has failed yet again, was easily predicted well over a year ago, when conservatives were warning the country.

Obama's audacious plan to provide near-universal health care to the public was so extreme, a pipe-dream that liberals have been pursuing for a century, that conservatives laughed at it.  Taken in context with the fact that the untried and untested freshman senator from Illinois had no experience and was unlikely to get anything accomplished had many a conservative guffawing and rolling in the aisles.

So it was very easy to predict that Obama's health care reform program would fail, and with the passing of HR 3962, it has.

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ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Seen in the local fishwrap:

Any way you look at it, Democrats had an awful night, which should cause all of them, including Obama, deep concern. Clearly a great many voters are having second thoughts about the direction Democrats have chosen.

Cats and trophic, that's what it is.